Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Last night I was feeling extremely artsy (still am) and I made up 4 new pairs of earrings.  The first two are pretty simple and just uranium beads:

The other I made using some art glass pieces that I bought ages ago.  I think they may be vintage art glass, but I can't remember for certain.  With those I had to wire wrap and I added some uranium glass beads and little donuts.

Those last ones are my favorite and I think I have just enough little uranium donuts to make another pair for myself, as I listed those on Etsy.

In case you didn't notice - I love uranium glass!  It is suppose to have too little uranium to actually be dangerous, but I sometimes wonder given the large amount of beads I have if that is still true. :-)

Still feeling artsy today and I am thinking of a vintage (cherry reds) pendant/neckace.

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